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Ernie Anderson 2-Man Member/Member Entry Fee


This event, one of the most popular from days past – honors Blackledge’s Founder and former President/Co-owner, the late Ernie Anderson.
3 Day Match Play Tournament – Description and Entry Form

The “Ernie Anderson” is a two-man event played as five nine-hole matches to determine the winner in six-team flights.  This year the tournament will be held the weekend of September 11th, 12th & 13th – mark your calendars!!!   Friday evening AT 4:45 pm we will have shotgun start for the 1st 9 hole match.  Afterward we will be having a cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres.  Weekend play will be comprised of two nine-hole matches Saturday and two nine-hole matches Sunday.  A BBQ will follow Sunday matches.  Weekend matches will be scheduled by tee time, not shotgun start.  Details and Conditions of Competition follow below.
Sign-up by Sunday September 6th.
  • Play will be based on 100% handicap, and matches will be stroked off the low handicap in each match. 
  • 18-hole handicaps will be divided in 2 to give 9-hole handicaps.  Half strokes will count and will not be rounded.
  • The field is comprised of as many full 6-team flights as possible based on sign-up.  
  • Flights are set based on total team handicap. 
  • No more than a six-stroke differential may exist between partners.
  • Each two-man team plays the other 5 teams in its flight once.
  • A win is worth 2 points, plus 1/10th of a point for each hole the margin of victory is by after all 9-holes are played.  For example, a team that wins its match 3-up after 9 holes wins 2.3 points, the loser 0.  A tie match earns each team 1 point.  The maximum any team can win in a match is 2.5 points.
  • Tournament Entry Fee is $50.00 per team
  • Standard Cart and Green Fees rates apply